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At Live Oak Animal Hospital, we strive to provide top-tier veterinary care for pets. We also believe in being active, engaged members of Lubbock and deeply committed to the community. Our veterinary professionals work tirelessly to improve the lives of pets and their owners. Giving back to the community is an essential part of this mission.  

Our monthly philanthropic initiatives are one of the ways we give back to the Lubbock community. Each month, we choose a local non-profit organization or charity to support. The organizations we choose closely align with our values and put a particular focus on animal welfare or community improvement. By showing our support for these organizations, we believe we can significantly and positively impact the lives of those in need.  

Charities and Organizations We Support 

There are several organizations that we partner with regularly. The South Plains SPCA is one of these organizations that provides a better life for adoptable companion animals. This non-profit organization also works to limit the overpopulation of these animals. We are proud to contribute to their cause and help spread awareness about animal welfare.  

Kat’s Alley Cats is another organization we are proud to support. They are a non-profit dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of cats through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs. Our values align with their mission to reduce animal overpopulation and improve the overall quality of life for pets. 

Along with animal welfare organizations, we also support CASA of the South Plains. This organization empowers community members to serve as Volunteer Advocates who speak for the best interests of children in the foster care system. These volunteers are Court Appointed Special Advocates trained to ensure that the needs of every child are met by finding them safe, permanent homes. We are honored to support Casa of the South Plains in their work to improve the lives of these children by encouraging hope and healing. 

Lubbock Meals on Wheels is another non-profit organization that focuses on community improvement that we proudly support. With the help of over 1,600 volunteers, they provide nutritious meals to those in need, including people with disabilities, seniors, and individuals recovering from illnesses. 

Lubbock Lion’s Club is a community organization we work closely with that is dedicated to helping address the unique challenges our community faces. We are delighted to support their mission to improve our community by providing monetary and volunteer support. One of the most notable they host is the Annual Pancake Festival, a fun-filled event with fantastic entertainment, mouth-watering pancakes, and activities for the entire family. The proceeds from this festival go to support various organizations in the community, such as the Adult Eyeglass Program, LISD Eyeglasses for Children, Children’s Miracle Network, Meals on Wheels, and the Texas Lions Camp for children with special needs. 

As part of our commitment to creating a more compassionate community, we will continue to seek out and support local non-profits and charities. We are proud of our positive impact on the community and hope to continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need. By supporting these incredible organizations, we hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.