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UPDATE: Starting on Fri, July 3rd, we will require a mask or facial covering to enter our facilities, as per Governor Abbott’s order. Curbside service will be available if you do not have a mask or facial covering.

UPDATE: Starting on Wed, May 27, we will allow clients in the building during exams. At arrival, we ask that you remain in your vehicle and call the front desk to check-in. We will call you when an exam room is available. Our staff will be wearing masks, and we encourage clients to wear masks as well. We hope to see you soon!

UPDATE: May 4, 2020 – As we modify our procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re experiencing a high volume of phone calls. If your pet needs a nail trim or anal glands expressed, please use our online contact form. If you’re an existing customer who needs to schedule an appointment or to refill a prescription, please use Petly.

At Live Oak Animal Hospital, we are entirely focused on the medical experience of our clients and patients. Now, more than ever, in light of the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we are focused on the health and safety of all our clients, patients and employees, without compromising the quality of our veterinary services.

  • We are adhering to the latest information, protocols and tools from the world’s leading health experts and government authorities – including the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control – to maximize the effectiveness of our response.
  • In the interest of all of our clients and staff, the Live Oak Animal Hospital team requests that any clients who are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or breathing difficulties refrain from coming to the facility and have a family member or friend bring their pet or reschedule the appointment entirely. Live Oak Animal Hospital staff members will be minimizing direct human-to-human contact while following all CDC recommended hygiene practices.
  • We have heightened our already stringent practices around sanitation, disinfection and cleaning, plus specific measures based on the guidance of local health authorities. We are following several recommendations to reduce exposure to a range of illnesses, including hand and respiratory hygiene as well as safe travel practices.
  • We are doing everything we can to provide a safe and sanitary experience when you visit us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We don’t want a pet who needs help to go without veterinary care. If you are concerned about limiting your exposure, have possibly been exposed yourself or have undiagnosed symptoms please ask for one of these special options. If you think you may have symptoms, please don’t be shy about telling us, we all want to be as safe as possible. We have two options:

  • Appointments and Walk-Ins: We will greet you and take you and your pet inside for an exam. While in the exam room, we request that you hand your pet over to the attending technician, remain seated and keep the safe distance of at least 5’ from the Doctor and technician during the exam. If we do not have a room available, we kindly ask that you stay in your vehicle and we will call you in once we have availability. You can remain in your car during the appointment if you wish and the doctor will speak with you on the phone about your pet. We will also check you out over the phone before you leave. Then we will meet you outside the front door with your pet and any needed medications. If your pet is overly anxious without you present, we can plan for a safe sedative to give prior to the appointment to make the experience less worrisome.
  • Telemedicine: A consult over the phone with email photos or videos is another way to accomplish treatment in some cases. Not all problems can be diagnosed this way and a Pet Only Appointment may be needed. Telemedicine appointments will still incur exam fees just as if you were coming to see us. Payment will also be taken over the phone. If medications are needed, we can hand them out the front door when you arrive or leave them on the back door for you to pick up.
  • Surgical Drop Offs as a Pet-only Appointment: Normally you come in and sign your surgical estimate and provide a phone number where you can be reached while your pet is in our care. We can email you the estimate to complete prior to your arrival. You may scan it and email it back to us or hand it to us outside the front door when you arrive with your pet. Pick up will be the same as a Pet Only Appointment.

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