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You want your fur baby to receive the best love and attention even when you have to go out of town. That’s why it’s so important to know how to find the best pet boarding facility for your furry friend. Great cat and dog boarding services make sure your pet stays safe, receives proper nutrition, and gets plenty of time for play. 

While many animal hospitals provide pet boarding, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind when deciding where your pet should stay during your next out-of-town trip. Doing this will give both your and your fur baby peace of mind. 

Make Sure the Facility Requires Pets to Be Properly Vaccinated

You’re a responsible pet owner who makes sure your pet is up-to-date with the proper vaccinations. So, you’ll want to ensure all the other pets at the boarding facility are healthy too. 

Choose a pet hotel that requires pets to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations. These vaccinations should include rabies, Bordetella, and distemper/parvo. Boarding facilities that also require flea and tick medication are particularly excellent as this will keep your pet from being exposed to an unvaccinated or unmedicated pet.   

Choose a Boarding Facility with Excellent Reviews and Ratings

The Internet is an excellent resource for learning about other pet owners’ experiences at a boarding facility. Do a simple Google search for “pet boarding facilities near me,” and you’ll see a list of pet hotels rated on a five-star system. Yelp and Facebook also offer helpful reviews.

Once you find some pet hotels you like, do some additional research. Read the reviews people wrote about the boarding facility and visit each facility’s website. The more you learn about the hotel’s amenities and standards, the happier your pet will be at the hotel you choose.  

Visit the Pet Boarding Facilities You Like

Reading about a pet hotel online is a good start, but visiting a boarding facility in person will show you what the hotel is really like. Talk to the staff and ask them any questions you have about their services. Tour the facility and see how clean it is. See how happy the animals look.

If your fur baby has special needs or requires a particularly stress-free environment, visiting a boarding facility will reveal if it’s right for your pet.

Let Your Pet do a Test-Run of the Facility

In the end, the best judge of a boarding facility is your pet. Let your fur baby spend some time at the pet hotel to see how well he or she responds to the environment. If the test-run goes poorly, you’ll have time to look for a better pet hotel. And if it goes well, you’ll have greater peace of mind, knowing you left your furry friend in capable hands during your trip.

Visit Live Oak Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel

Live Oak Pet Hotel offers a clean, stress-free atmosphere for pets in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding communities. Our newest Live Oak South location offers a yard over an acre wide, giving your fur babies plenty of room to play. We also keep doctors available for emergencies or concerns and a fantastic staff that adores the pets they care for.

Live Oak also offers doggy day care at both of our locations Monday through Friday. Contact us today to learn more about our facility and what we can do for your fur babies!